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Monday, January 30, 2017

Sealing Saturday

On Saturday January 28, 2017 we were able to participate in an amazing sealing session at the Johannesburg temple.

The beautiful Tibane family, Simon and Lindiwe with their three children, traveled down from Mpumalanga (leaving at 3 am) to be sealed together. This was so meaningful to participate in. The sweetness of these beautiful children being sealed to their parents was s sight to behold.

The Blacks and Elder Siguake have been such a support to the Tibane family. It was extra special to have others travel down with them from the Nelpsruit branch to be here for support.

Next, Louise and Franz Kruger were sealed today. It was like a second wedding day for this couple who has been married for over 25 years. Franz was baptized in November 2015 and today was such a special day to witness their sealing together. 

Elder Siguake was also a great support during their process, baptism and now the sealing.

We felt so lucky to be able to join them on this special occasion.

After 25 years of marriage it is so exciting to have another wedding day! But this one is even better they say.

We also had the chance to celebrate with the Krugers after the temple sealing.  We were honored to join with Richard and Kathy Black for this memorable occasion.

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