President and Sister Dunn

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Bedfordview Stake Conference

Pulled up today at the Bedfordview Stake Center for Stake Conference
Sunday January 29, 2017
Always nice to see missionaries ( and a few member missionaries) greeting members as they arrive.

So fun to meet the members. Beautiful families.

Elder Magesi with more great members.

Elder Kilgore and his companion Elder Brumpton look like twin brothers, especially with their exact same glasses!

Here are a few of the missionaries from the Bedfordview Zone gathered in front after the conference.
President Dunn, Elder reynolds, Elder Lambert, Elder Brumpton, Elder Ngilazi, Elder Kealor, Elder Malunga, Elder Kilgore, Elder Weidmann, Sister Dunn

Elder Sibanda and Elder Cowan liked the conference too!:)

Such a treat to see this great couple again today. Their entire family ( with 6 children) was baptized just a few months ago.

We feel blessed to rub shoulders with such amazing members. A Stake Conference always gives you more chance to see so many people all in one place. The church is strong in Bedfordview, as it is in all the Gauteng Stakes. President Msizu and his counselors do a wonderful job leading the Stake.

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  1. Yay! Thanks for posting a photo of Elder Magesi! It's good to see him, and know he's well.