President and Sister Dunn

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Mission Leadership Council

Elder Lambert and Elder Reynolds look over the agenda for another SAJM Leadership Council Meeting, held on Thursday January 5, 2017 

We gather every month for a meeting where the Zone leaders discuss and review the progress of the mission goals of their respective areas. We also have important topics and trainings to help move the mission forward. 

This was the first Mission Leadership Council for the 2017 year.

We also had our son Jeff and family visiting today. It made it extra special for us to have our family members meet some of our missionaries. Elder Ete and Elder Wakaira, enjoying their lunch..

I had a chance to share a thought for our upcoming zone conferences and my little granddaughter Maddie was helpful in my presentation.
I even got Zach to come up front and meet everyone.

Part of my presentation included hearing from both Jeff and Whitney as returned missionaries. They both imparted valuable insights and messages of encouragement and support.

The Assistants offered their great "Zone Leader Boot Camp" Training. It is so well done.

President Dunn talked about the Daily Schedule in his training. Madison also accompanied him today in his presentation.

We ended with specific measurements on how each zone did last year in respect to our various key indicators. The Assistants do such a terrific job bringing all the stats together and use it to motivate and appreciate the progress that is being made across the mission in every area of measurement.

A few pictures of our leaders captured during our December meeting- lunch is often a good time to get them all...with their mouths full!! :)

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