President and Sister Dunn

Monday, January 2, 2017

Last 2016 Orientation in the SAJM

The senior couples give lots of valuable information

Trainers get a little insight form Sister Whitney Newton Dunn- visiting with us for the holidays.

So happy to have these girls with us for this Orientation
Whitney and Madison make it even more special today

The Assistants run the training at the Mission Home.

Jeff and Whitney and Sister Willis and Foxx are special guests today.

All the new missionaries are introduced by their companions and a great training follows with lots of info about our mission.

Followed by lunch outside and a pop quiz about South Africa that all the new missionaries try to answer the questions.

PDunn does a great job on the Braai. Wors is a good SA fare to serve!

Food is served!

"Fit for the Kingdom" training happens next with Sister Dunn

Sister Foxx and Willis participated also today with outstanding advice!

Our newest Elders include Elder Blow, Elder Zwane, Elder Dyck, Elder Gibbs, Elder Davey

Their trainers are awesome too...
Front: Elders Blow, Zwane, Dyck, Gibbs, Davey
BacK: Sister Willis, Foxx, Elder Campbell, Zitumane, Musiiwa, Cox, Thompson, Sorge, Dorn, Sister Dunn and President Dunn

Elder Gibbs and Elder Sorge

Elder Davey and Dorn

President Dunn with Elder Musiiwa and Elder Zwane

Last, but not least...Elder Campbell, with Elder Cox and Elder Dyck!

Welcome to these great Elders!!

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