President and Sister Dunn

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Zoning In with Benoni

Once a week we get out with our missionaries in the field and study, teach and contact with them.  On Wednesday May 21st we made a trek to our Benoni Zone. We had a fun day planned by our Zone Leaders, Elder Beers and Elder Olson.
Pictured above: President Dunn, Elder Melese, Holmquist, Loveless, Tekurio, Beers, Bua, Olson and Segil.
We started the day with the Secunda, Daveyton and Benoni Districts. We spent an hour and studied with them. We split up and were able to study with 10 Elders total. It was a great experience to see their depth of discussion and study. I am sad I didn't take pictures of all of  them.

Then we met up with the zone leaders and participated with them for a visit and a teaching opportunity with a member that is in a rest home. Len challenged President Dunn to a chess game before the lesson. President Dunn was a little more clever, Len said, as he called "Checkmate" first and won the game. Len is a very strategic player and very faithful man.

The zone leaders visit Len weekly and also bring him the sacrament.
Today, they shared a lesson with him on the sacrament. It was sweet opportunity to provide service and a spiritual thought. I think Len will be up for a re-match with President Dunn.

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  1. Haha Dad is somehow good at everything...even chess! Love meeting cute Len through photos!