President and Sister Dunn

Monday, May 4, 2015

35 and still alive

 On May 1st, 2015, President and Sister Dunn find themselves
 in Johannesburg South Africa, serving a mission and also celebrating 35 years of marriage. Our journey together has been so fun and adventurous. Who would guess that serving a mission would be one of the biggest adventures we have taken on together?

 As we share a meal in the backyard of our new home in South Africa,we are enjoying this opportunity so much and finding that it is enriching our relationship like nothing we have ever done together!
We have shared many miles together, running, biking and even skiing. We plan to enjoy doing all these things together all our lives.
We have lots of memories in lots of places!

We have shared in the sweetness of each child's wedding celebration and temple marriage.
Dancing the night away at Jeff's wedding

I love this companion of mine!
The best thing we have to show for 35 years is our beloved family and love for the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Jeff, Whitney, Madison and Zach
Brady, Mindy, Tagg and Lydia
Chase and Emi
We celebrated this year by taking a p-day in Kruger and accepting the generous invitation of the Klintworth family to come and stay with them on Mjejane Game Reserve. We were already in the area, interviewing missionaries in outlying areas, so we welcomed the chance our anniversary in such a meaningful way with such a wonderful family. Below:
Kyle, Michele, Angus, Rebekah, Kelly, Garth, Linda and Michael and our tracker, Henny. Michael Klintworth taking picture.:)

This view was right across the river from our accommodations. We spotted this elephant crossing while having lunch on the deck.

We never tire of the elephants!

Hippo's in the Water

Highlight of the day! Spotting a lion across the river, very close to where we had stopped for a snack. The lion was actually walking towards folks in a game viewing vehicle. They were looking the other way and we saw him long before they did. It was funny to watch them realize a lion was right behind their vehicle.

The game viewing was spectacular, bit so was the relaxation and fun at the lovely Kruger accommodations. We even were treated to a most delicious Braai. Very fun and memorable way to celebrate.


  1. sweetest post & pictures! love you guys so much!!!

  2. What a great couple you guys are!! Love you and miss you! xo, Jen

  3. Congratulations. You have a gorgeous family. Thanks for serving the Lord and our boys.