President and Sister Dunn

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Last Outpost: Nelspruit

Our 4 wonderful Elders in Nelspruit: President Dunn with Elder Xalabile, Kankunen, Pulley and Elder Lea'atoa
Elder Swan has shared a unique talent of doing portrait paintings for over 30 people in the KaNymazane Branch. He even did a portrait for Elder Pulley. Pretty amazing, right? We want to have him offer a gallery showing and event with all the members of the branch next year when they leave. It is really special that he is doing this as a service for members of the branch.

The Swans and the Scotts are the senior couples serving in Nelspruit. Since this area is 4 hours away from the mission office, it is so helpful to have these great couples in this area, supporting the Elders and helping so much with the members.

We were also able to attend the Nelspruit branch on Sunday May 4th with the Scott's and the Elders.  There were about 30 members present, with over 5 investigators. 

The Nelspruit area is lush and full of farms growing all kinds of delicious fruits, vegetables and delicacies.  We stopped for a few oranges, mangoes, avo's, and macademia nuts by the roadside.

Nelspruit, we will be back soon!

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