President and Sister Dunn

Monday, May 4, 2015

A Quarter Century

On April 29, 1990 we welcomed Emily Anne Dunn into the world as a baby sister to two big brothers. This past week, she turned 25 and we are pausing to celebrate her life and amazing joy she has brought to our family. Below are a few pictures that bring back fun memories over the past quarter of a century with this darling daughter of ours! We miss her presence, but feel her love across the continents.

She has always added so much fun to any situation and was always "up" for anything.

Annually we took a mother-daughter trip to San Francisco. Little did I know then that she would end up living in this city by the bay.

Her love of travel started young. She was especially thrilled when she got to live abroad the first time in France.
Of course, I had to come visit and travel all over Europe with her.
She shares many passions and experiences with her brothers and dad...and is one of our biggest sports fans.
She has always had a happy countenance, loved dogs, nieces and nephews and been so endearing to her mom! 

Her wedding day will never be forgotten.

What a beautiful bride!
She is always up for an adventure, whether running a marathon or climbing a mountain!
She found the perfect compliment in Chase!
Now they are both Googlers.
Whether bid day for Chi Omega or a Saturday afternoon in London, she is always so fun to spend time with.
So, from her mom and dad, we send all our love to Emi Rigby Dunn on this 25th year!

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  1. haha! wow, there are some real gems in here -- but this is sweet of you! love you so much and thanks for making my birthday great from afar.