President and Sister Dunn

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Transfer Tuesday

Elder Worton, Sister Dunn, Elder Menendez, 
President Dunn, Elder Koyle
Transfer Tuesday rolls around all too quickly. On Tuesday May 12, 2005, we said good-bye to 11 departing elders and hello to 9 incoming missionaries. We also have Elder Menendez transitioning from being an Assistant to the President. He has served so well since November 2014. He heads home in 6 weeks and has this last transfer to be serving in the Tzaneen District. We will miss him, but so excited to still have Elder Worton and Elder Koyle serve with us. Elder Menendez trained them well!
All 11 departing Elders waiting for the new Elders to be ready for pick up. Notice this beautiful morning sky in South Africa.

Ready and waiting!

Finally time to bring the new missionaries over to meet President and Sister Dunn and the Assistants.

Welcome new missionaries!

Elder Tima
Elder Ngilazi
Elder Mazinyane
Elder Gwaka

Elder Samuel

Elder Sibanda 

Elder Rouse

Elder Allen
Elder Mavuso

Departing Elders in their last group photo near the Johannesburg MTC

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  1. the pictures of you both greeting the new elders are so sweet! you can see how excited they are and how welcoming you guys are. i love that you take a picture with each new elder as well, they will love that at the end!!