President and Sister Dunn

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Zany Tzaneen

Interviews and Orientation began in the Tzaneen Zone on Wednesday April 29. Elders Lybe, Delahoy, Dye, Henderson, Roberts, Reynolds, Leman, Paul and Dzowa pictured above outside the Polokwane Chapel.
We gathered for a workshop on service and also for Orientation. Our zone leaders, Elder Hendersen and Olson conducted and lead out with Orientation.
We took time to have lunch together for the new missionaries. Since we normally do lunch at the mission home as part of Orientation, we took everyone to lunch before Orientation began.

Our 4 new missionaries include Elder Paul, Reynolds, Roberts and Lybe.
Elder Dye made a delicious homemade peanut butter chocolate cake he brought to share. Very impressive.
Great day...Elder Olson locking up the gate as we all depart. Thanks for your great organization and planning with Elder Henderson.
After we said good-bye, we headed to the Mokopane Chapel to set apart a beloved son of President Maluleka. Opa is headed to the Madagascar mission. We had a sweet opportunity to participate in his setting apart. President Dunn gave him a wonderful blessing as he set him apart as a full time missionary. 

Congratulations, Elder Maluleka. Sweet to see you with your father and your family members.
The next day, on Thursday April 30, we arrived in Tzaneen to complete the rest of the interviews.
Elder Leman, Dzowa, Reynolds, President Dunn, Elder Williams, Elder Clegg, Elder Paul,  Elder May and Elder Kusi Poku.

After our service workshop we gathered and played a scriptural version of "Word on the Street" while we waited for the final interviews to complete.

After interviews we took all the missionaries for a pizza lunch.
We love these missionaries. It was a great day to be together.

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