President and Sister Dunn

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Plentiful Pretoria

Pretoria Elders show up for Interviews. Elder Bryner, McQueen, Kaufusi, Hehir, Van Heerdan and Haynes
It was a fun chance to gather and discuss service and recent conference talks. We had a really fun discussion about many topics.
We love our Pretoria Missionaries. Elder Van Heerdan, Haynes, Johnson and Novotny posing for a selfie.
As we talked about service today in our workshop, it was fun to see a bulletin board in the hall, showing all the ways the young women are offering service.
President Dunn posing with these companions, right before they took us outside to see their latest mishap. Yes, the back window is broken...I mean shattered. Elder Johnson was backing up last Sunday and Elder Novotny thought he was driving away without him, so he ran after the car and jumped on the boot (trunk) and his body went right through the glass. What does that say about his strength..or the lack of strength of the glass?

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  1. hahah "shame!"
    that reminds me of your crazy Volvo glass shattering experience!