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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Empty Mission Home

After three years of living in this space, it is amazing to pack up all our personal items and get the house ready for the next mission president and companion. On Wednesday March 15th the Bailey Moving company came and packed and left us with a clean house ready for the Leavitt's to bring their personal items and make this house their new home for the next three years.

Luckily, we get to leave the important things for the Leavitt's. Even though we leave all the missionaries behind and all their pictures on the wall, we take them all home in our hearts and also in our scrapbook!

Guest room ready and waiting

I lvoe this room and all the visitors that stayed here.

Lots of meals happened around this table.

I love this galley area and wash area. It certainly got a lot of use from us and missionaries as well.

Our last Sunday with the Leavitt's had some of my favorite foods ready and staged for final dinner in the mission home for us and together with the Leavitt's.

We had one fridge full of food I had prepared and some they can have for leftovers

and the front fridge completely cleaned and ready for them to move in.

View to the back yard!

I loved this library area and used it so many different ways over the three years. We hosted orientation meetings here, did buffet tables and all the scrapbooking at this table. Great memories!

This table (in all it's lengths) got so much use.

Looks clean and ready for the Leavitt's

We really transformed this room and loved using it for interviews. It is such a great room with so much natural light. 

Ready for the Leavitt's

New bedding and a great new pillow for the Leavitt's

Views from the bedroom

Master Bath!

View from the bedroom

Love this picture of the Big5!

New addition to the mission home. See the blog post with all the individual pictures attached of each Elder in the mission holding Elder Latu's badge.

This is a memory place holder. The house looks so nice and clean and ready for transition. We are grateful for all the choice memories we have in this place and we felt the mission home had a great spirit from al that had come before. We were honored to live in this historic mission home

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