President and Sister Dunn

Monday, March 13, 2017

Senior couple retreat

On Monday March 6, 2017 we hosted a senior couples retreat at the mission home. It was a pleasure to invite everyone serving here under the mission to join with us, as well as our beloved CES Sister Missionaries and also our Humanitarian couple.

President Dunn started it all off before lunch with some overview informaiton and SAJM history.

We enjoyed lunch together and thanks to Sister Larson, we celebrated 3 birthdays with an extra large lollipop she brought for these 3 special missionaries!

President Dunn's on March 5th

Sister Black- March 6th (The very day of our retreat!)

Sister Wells- March 7th!

During lunch we had Dr. Jubber share some medical updates and insights to help our seniors with their own health issues and also the junior missionaries.

Next up, Sister French shared a motivating message and reminded everyone that she is here to help everyone with mental health issues.

Sister Willis and Sister Foxx started us off with great presentations on how to find our own personal scriptures and how to feel the Lord's love. 

Next up, Elder and Sister Black

Elder and Sister Duncan

Elder and Sister Robison

Elder and Sister Duncan
After our workshop day, we headed to Founder's Restaurant for time to socialize together and process the day.

Elder and Sister Jensen

Elder and Sister Robison

Elder and Sister Larson

Elder and Sister Black

Sister Foxx and Sister Willis

Elder and Sister Hunt

Elder and Sister Duncan

The Blacks' stayed over due to the fact they are serving 5 hours away. We enjoyed having everyone with us at this retreat.

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