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Friday, March 3, 2017

Centurion interviews

Each day we find more missionaries at the door!
Today, Centurion Zone came knocking.
Welcome to Elder Marsden and Elder Sibanda
Belwo: Welcome to Elder Kwhela, Elder Zwane, Elder Mugenyi and Elder Phiri

Special thanks to the Centurion Zone Leaders- Elder Eti and Elder Morrill for teaching today and helping with each group.
They certainly set a great table and serve dup some delcious food for us.
Elder Morrill, Elder Marsden, Elder Chikoore, Elder Eti, Elder Irakize, Elder Nielsen, Elder Kuyangepi

Irene even gave some valuable advice about the importance to relax, but have  etiquette when visiting member's homes. She cooks weekly for the Dobsonville Elders.

We also administered the English Certification test to nay Elders that have English as a Second Language and are going home before September 1, 2017. Here is Elder Sibanda taking his test.

So long..farewell!!

A few more pictures below from the day together:

Elder Kwhela and Elder Phiri

Last group of the Centurion Zone for the day!
Elder Morrill, Elder Warnock, Elder Mbaki, Elder Greener and Elder Tima

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