President and Sister Dunn

Monday, March 13, 2017

Vaal Interviews

On this last day of interviews, Elder and Sister Wells showed up as they have each and every day. This round they took it upon themselves to use this time to get every key copied for the mission flats. It was a lot of work, but certainly wise to get copies. Thanks for your dedication to improving the efficiency of the mission.

We started off with Elder Siale, Elder Galbraith, Elder Chingomanje, Elder Bartice, Elder Lino  and Elder Nielsen finding Christlike attributes so they can participate in the workshop led by the zone leaders, Elder Flack and Elder Shamanga 

After we enjoyed the Etiquette Lunch Workshop where they all participated in set up, serving, and clearing to make it hapen.

What a group of well-mannered men!
Elder Shamanga, Elder Flack, Elder Galbraith, Elder Nielsen, Elder Chingomanje, Elder Bartice

Writing a reflectin page for our SAJM has been a great part of this workshop cycle. Thanks to all of you for taking the time and sharing thoughts with us. We love reading your testimonies and hear form each of you.

Sister Irene has provided some great insights to our groups about how to behave when visiting members for a dinner appointment She feeds missionaries 1 or 2 nights every week, so she knows a thing or tow about this topic.

I have loved this time to be together and savored each and every group and each of our beloved missionaries. We love them all so much!

President Dunn with Elder Siale and his trainer, Elder Galbraith. They are doing such a great job together in Potchefstoom.

Last group for the day: Elder Austin and Elder Musiiwa and Elder Daniels participating in the lesson first.

Elder Martinho brought a very special gift today for our grandson Zachary Braden Dunn. he met Zach when he was visiting in January and they both have similar hearing issues and bonded. Elder Martinho wants Zach to have one of his favorite rugby jerseys from his home country of Mozambique. We love you Elder Martinho and feel so blessed to have you serving here with us at this time.

AS long as ew started taking individual pictures, we carried on with a few more just for fun. We love Elder Daniels and are so proud of him as a new missionary. He is powerful in all he says and does. 

Elder Musiiwa has been a special son and we love his parents who are serving in our neighboring mission in Botswana as the mission presidents there.

Last but not least, Elder Austin. Already over a year on mission and learning so much and growing so much by his own admission!

We loved our last group of the day and also of this interview round..which is out last!  Pretty epic for us to think we don't get to do this again.
Elder Gibbs, Elder Sorge and Elder Samuel listening to the great lesson by the zone leaders.

Elder Avarell and Elder Katia

It is fun to discuss a topic with these smart, well read and valiant Elders. Their insights are very motivating and I learn a lot from each time I get taught by them!

Elders Sekholomi, Elder Sorge, Elder Avarell, Elder Samuel Elder Katia, Elder Shamanga and Elder Flack.

Good-bye to all of you. Keep up the great work. We are so proud of you.

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