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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Community Service

I love getting involved in any community service projects. On Friday March 3rd, I was able to particiapte with Diana Nelson and Debbie Boshoff with a Days4Girls Project at the Indaba Orphanage. 

All these beautiful girls showed up and were given a packet after the training. They were so participatory and will benefit from this great training done by Diana Nelson, with help from Debbie.

Debbie Boshoff and Diana Nelson with the Program Manager.

The Director greets everyone before we get started. The little children left once the maturation program began.

I really enjoyed being in this community and feeling of the organization and commitment to children.

Diana is a volunteer with Days4Girls and is also a great instructor. Her presentation is so needed among young women and is making quite an impact. Check out Days4Girls for more information.
It is helping girls stay in school!

The boys did not participate, but they performed afterwards. This group did a gum boot dance.
This impressive group of musicians have been practicing together and played music at the end. It was a great project and I was happy to participate.

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