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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Final Departing Missionaries!

Our last departing Elders were Elder Masiya and Elder Irakiza. We want to highlight these last two Elders.
The last video reflections...thanks to the Gatten's.
Elder Irakize from Burundi 
 Elder Masiya from Malawi
Elder Owen Masiya heads home today as our very last departing missionary.  He departs the day we also get transferred. We love this valiant missionary son. he is from Malawi and was converted by his uncle who is also the branch president.He is the only member in his immediate family. He has been such an obedient, diligent, consecrated missionary. We look forward to staying in touch with him.
See the departing video reflections here of Elder Masiya, Elder Irtakize and also us. We all are transitioning on this March 21st date. Elder Irakize actually flies out this Friday so we didn't get a chance to take his final pictures.

The SAJM mission pin is the last thing Elder Masiya gets before flying to Malawi. Go well!

Standing at the airport with Elder Masiya is very poignant. We have said good-bye to over 400 missionaries in this same place over the past 3 years. It is always bittersweet to stand here and know there mission is over, but their life is just beginning.
All the best Elder Masiya.

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