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Monday, March 13, 2017

Ready for Roodepoort

Roodepoort Zone came for interviews on Tuesday March 7, 2017. Starting the morning with Elder Ott and Elder Thompson.
Elder Luweire and Elder Mazinyane are the Roodepoort Zone Leaders. They came early and stayed all day until the last group left. They helped arrange the order, facilitated the interviews all day, taught a great lesson and helped in the kitchen with the involving all the missionaries in the Etiquette Lunch and discussion.

Elder Luweire teaching about Christlike Attributes to start us off.

Each district took a few minutes to find examples of specific attributes so they could share.

This first group of the day set a perfect table and served up a nice lunch while we discussed important aspects of Etiquette that are important as a missionary and as a person after a mission. Women always appreciate a well mannered man!

Elder Luweire in the kitchen helping out and Sister Irene who helped through the entire 7 days of interviews. She and I both love having missionaries in the home.

We appreciated having each missionary take time to write a personal reflection page for our SAJM book.

Goodbye Elder Ott, Elder Thompson, Elder Wride and Elder Figuereo
You were so delightful to converse with today and such well mannered men!

For our second group, Sister Michelle Klintworth came and helped facilitate the conversation. She was wonderful to give the Elders her insights and tips about etiquette. Elder Mazinyane and Elder Luweire still taught their lesson and Michelle contributed.

Elder Pop and Elder Mbiriwiri were very good servers.

After our meal before we cleared we had a few extra muffins to enjoy. Elder Shava, Elder Schnepf, Michelle Klintworth, Elder Pop and Elder Mbiriwiri

I loved having Michelle with me today. She has participated in almost every single workshop we have done over the past few years. Her love for the missionaries and great insights and scriptural thoughts has always added much to our discussions. Thanks,  Michelle for joining us today.

Elder Pop prepared more soup for the next group.

Elder Schnepf making more bran muffins.

Elder Shava cutting up the sweet potatoe for more soup.

What a great district. Loved having you all here today.

Next and last Roodepoort group for the day.
Elder Luweire, Elder Ansumanu, Elder Daki, Elder Kagimba and Elder Mazinyane and Elder Mavuso

Goodbye to Elder Mavuso, Elder Mazinyane, Elder Daki, Elder Kagimba, Elder Ansumanu and Elder Luwiere
We love you all!

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