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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Vaal is very last!

On our final day of interviews-the Vaal Zone came. What a beautiful day to welcome them all to their mission home.
These great missionaries represent countries all over the world. In this picture we have Africa, America, Micronesia, Spain and the Phillipines all represented.
We started with our ropes problem to solve!
It was meaningful to then begin with a writing prompt and ask each Elder to write for 15 minutes about an example of when they have seen the Lord's hand in their lives.
Elder Dean helped lead a great workshop on where to find scriptures in the Book of Mormon that support gospel principles.
Elder Todd offered a workshop on how to use the various personalities and gifts we each have been given to teach.
Sister Michelle Klintworth (seated with her back to us) also offered a great teaching workshop today. We were so glad to have her join with us today.

Our Vaal Zone Leaders also shared teaching ideas on how to use scriptures effectively, how to ask good questions and also how to listen when teaching.
Elder Dean in action as a teacher/facilitator.

Here are the scriptures the group found in the Book of Mormon during his session.

Our newest Elder...Elder Sousa with his companion, Elder Bonifaz and Elder Mazinyane.
We were delighted to get the Charchenko's with the Vaal Zone. They serve in Potchefstroom and offer such great support to the Elders.

Elder Kuyangepi and Elder Kagimba role played how to ask effective questions.
After all the interviews were completed and workshops taught, we all joined together for a simple lunch on the lawn.
Elder Kagimba and Elder Opolot enjoying their Boerworst.
R-L Elder Daki, Elder Mkwizu, Elder Mazinyane, Elder Kilgore, Elder Ebite, Elder Bonifaz.
Another angle of the same group:)
Elder Sousa with Elder Pickup and Elder Mazinyane
Elder Clegg parting the flags!
Our last bicycle demonstrations offered today by Elder Pickup and Elder Clegg.
This has been a nice final teaching opportunity while everyone enjoyed lunch.  We have stressed bicycle maintenance, including and how to change a flat tire.
Everyone is watching with interest.

Elder Matanga shows a little more about brake repair.
Elder Clegg has been a good sport to demonstrate changing out a flat is a greasy job, but important to show everyone.
He could change it now so quickly on his own after so much practice.
These two companions are demonstrating how you can assist each other when you get a flat. Don't just stand and watch your companion fix them and learn while you do.
A very good day with the Vaal!
Hope they can all take what they learned today and continue to practice skills to improve their teaching effectiveness. The hope is that their personal interviews also helps them to feel love and support from President Dunn. 

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