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Monday, May 23, 2016

Orange Farm District Conference

The annual conference of the Orange Farm Branch, Vaal District, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on 22 May 2016.
This was a sweet day to be with these great Saints and participate in their wonderful conference. We were greeted by Elder Mugenyi and the new missionary he is training, Elder Engrom.

This branch meets in an old school house, yet the spirit there is tangible. The seats are all taken and the faces of the members filled me with light. The theme of the conference was D & C 109:17

"Seek ye diligently, seek learning even by study and also by faith"
I was just reading about this great topic in my new favorite book- Christ's Church by Tad Callister

I loved the idea that we gain so much from daily scripture reading. I try to do it everyday but I was reminded that I would never consider going without eating for a day. (actually I put a lot of energy into this task since Whole30) so why would I consider going without spiritual food for a day?  It reminded me of all the benefits of treasuring up, feasting, pondering, meditating and searching the scriptures.....
It reminded me we should not tiptoe through the scriptures, taking little nibbles now and then, but instead immerse ourselves each day so we can be edified. The scriptures demand our highest attention, our most concentrated effort, to yield their precious fruit.

I love that in return.... the scriptures 1) tell us all the things we should do 2) helps to perfect us 3) gives us comfort and peace 4) softens our hearts and appeals to our minds, 5) helps us stay true to the faith 6) and allows us to be able to testify that we have heard's God's voice speak to us through the written words that we have pondered in our hearts.

I think these are pretty good promises.

I shared this little story at the end of my testimony today on this subject form Tad Callister's book, Christ's Church. 

Two woodsmen were invited to participate in a contest to see who could cut down more trees in one day. So at sunrise they both began earnestly chopping down trees. but every hour the smaller man left his post and ventured into the woods for about 10 minutes. As the day wore on the larger man was quite sure that whatever was taking the one man away would be to his advantage and he would win the contest.
At the end of the day, the smaller man won the contest and had cut down quite a few more trees. When asked how he did it and where he kept going during the day, he replied, "to sharpen my ax." This made all the difference.
Reading scriptures is like sharpening our ax and allowing us to make more of our lives and  reap all the rewards of knowing his word and seeking after it as our highest priority.

We sustained al the officers and leaders of this District and Branch. 

 It is proposed that we sustain:
Michael A. Dunn as president of the Johannesburg South Africa Mission with S. Ephraim Msane as first counselor and Garth Klintworth as second counselor.

Themba Godfrey Gwebu as president of the Vaal District with Trevor Wayne Herbery as first counselor and Samuel Manca Mxasa as second counselor.

Polite Nyama as the president of the Orange Farm Branch, with Johannes Lekgotia Monyane as first counselor and Richard David Tshuma as second counselor.

As branch clerk:
Bonginkosi Steve Sibeko

After the sacrament meeting we observed Elder Blake teaching the missionary prep class with these great young single adults.

After the meeting we got one more picture of our wonderful Elders. They are doing such a great job and are teaching many investigators and at least 2 father led families. We are so proud of their diligence and great work. Elder Mugenyi even planned ahead and packed his lunch.

Great counseling happening after church.

Great members of this branch are serving in so many capacities.

 Here are the officers and leaders that were sustained:
It is proposed that we sustain General Authorities of the Church.

As the presidency of the Relief Society:
Patience Liba Tshuma, president, Nontsebenzo Hlati, first counselor, Moipone Zulu Brenda, second counselor with Refilwe Moloke, secretary.

As the presidency of the Primary:
Nontombi Getrude Monyane, president, Nomusa Mazawi, first counselor, and Faniswa Amelia Kweza, second counselor

As the presidency of the Sunday School:
John Mabhena, president,

As the presidency of the Young Women
Historina Puleng Moloke, president, Leah Nomvula Sithole, first counselor,

As the Branch Mission Leader:
Kabeli Moses Hlalele

As the presidency of the Elders Quorum:
Lebohang Mokhoantsi, president

As the presidency of the priests quorum:
Polite Nyama,  branch president, Kgotso, Kevin Taunyanai, first counselor,

As the presidency of the Mia Maid class:
Shannon Silimfe, president, Milisa Mngobo, second counselor

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  1. So great! I really love the woodsmen "sharpening the axe" story and the food analogy!