President and Sister Dunn

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Sons of Soweto

We loved hosting the Soweto Zone for interviews. We are grateful to Elder Broadhead and Elder Ratsimbazafy for organizing their zone and getting everyone here on time.
We started with everyone writing some of their spiritual experiences.

Elder Broadhead taught a great segment on how to prepare, teach and evaluate. He gave everyone common household items and asked them to "liken" these items to a gospel principle. It was very creative and meaningful.

Elder ratsimbazafy had us build a scale and showed the value of Preach My Gospel as a teaching tool weighed with other options.

We all learned a lot and enjoyed the time together. After the Zone leader sessions, the zone broke into smaller groups and prepared teaching segments on using the scriptures, teaching effectively with questions and the skill of listening.

The everyone came together and taught the larger group from what they had prepared.

These missionaries are good teachers. It was impressive to see them role play and share their best ideas.

They also brought humor into the teaching which always makes it more fun and memorable.

Time for lunch!

Elder Gramu, Elder Chakanyuka and Elder Nelson
Elder Manoo and Elder Laminie

Elder Campbell, Elder Tinirau and Elder Eki

Elder Wardle and Elder De La Cruz

President Dunn gave a short bike demonstration today on how to maintain and repair the mission they work better and last longer.

We love the sons of Soweto and glad to have them for interviews and workshops today.

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  1. Always fun! I love that dad does the bike demos