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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Roodepoort Rallies!

Right on time, the Roodepoort Elders all arrived for interview day!

It was cold today and everyone seemed bundled up a little more than usual.

Look at this great group
L to R
Elder Di Ruscio, Elder Dube, Elder Weidman, Elder Morrill (hiding) Elder Lino, Elder Mpiyakhi, Elder Phiri, Elder Nglazi, Elder Magesi, Elder Bakes, Elder Tima, Elder Cowan, Elder Kufoalor, Elder Taylor
Elder Dube and Elder Di Ruscio are such great zone leaders and we appreciated all their organization today. They also taught a great lesson. President Dunn and I appreciate their leadership so much.

We had great role plays about how to more effectively use questions, listen and us scriptures when teaching.

These missionaries did a great job teaching each other.

We were also sp honored to have Sister Nomthi Msane come and participate with this zone. She and President Msane are leaving in just over a month for the Provo MTC and then on to preside over the Kenya Mission.

You can see she captivated the Elders. She is so loved and has so much to offer. She taught the value of teaching true doctrine from the scriptures, instead of just application.

We ended with Elder Di Ruscio and Elder Dube conducting a great session as a wonderful wrap up to the morning.

The missionaries cars are all lined up in front of the house, but more impressive for those going by, is to see all the missionaries coming out for lunch on the lawn.

Even though the day started cold, the sun came put just in time to enjoy lunch together outside.

President Dunn offered some important tips on maintaining and caring for the mission bikes.

He is a good person to share bike information because he can walk his talk. He is very good at taking care of things and knows lots about bike safety, maintenance and upkeep. We have loved having out Assistants teach this final workshop. They will be back tomorrow- on exchanges today! Thanks President Dunn for helping out today.

Elfer Weidmann and Elder Magesi enjoying the time.

All in all- another wonderful opportunity to have missionaries come together for valuable one on one interviews and a zone training. It was nice to combine these two events today and end with a quick lunch.

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  1. Fun to do lunch on the front lawn! So crazy it is chilly there!