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Monday, May 9, 2016

Nelspruit News!

We traveled to Nelspruit (4 hours away from Joburg) with our Assistants and met up with the 4 Elders serving up here.
Pictured above: President Dunn, Elder Clegg, Elder Wolfgramm, Elder Gwaka, Elder Hosmer, Elder Lamber abd Elder Pickup.
We participated with these great Elders in a street contacting near the center of Nelspruit. We seat up tables and banners and everyone started making contacts as you can see below.


It is always a great way to interact as a group of missionaries and also get names for later contacting. We had a wonderful time and felt it was successful.
Later we were able to go with Elder Gwaka and Elder Hosmer to their village of KaNymazane and go to a teaching appointment. This is the village and here is the house we visited. A family lives here and we visited today with the mother and the 14 year old son. It was a great lesson and especially touching because a good friend of the families had suddenly passed away. It just so happened that the lesson planned fit perfectly into a discussion of what happens after death.

Village life!
Elder Clegg was able to be on exchange with these two KaNymazane Elders for 24 hours. Elder Hosmer and Elder Gwaka are in the 12 week training program. Elder Hosmer just arrived in the SAJM on April 19th.

Below is the first house we visited.

This is the second house. When we went inside the mom was baking muffins and there was such a homey feeling in this humble home.

We also unloaded a trailer for the Elders and brought them a new couch and new mattresses. This trip had many purposes.

The next day we had individual interviews for the 4 missionaries. We also shared the orientation pr
I The AP's start off with an overview of all of the areas. I cover trivia about South Africa and church history here.LLater we went into the parking lot and found all the youth washing cars to earn money for an upcoming youth conference. President Manjate can always be found there to help the branch move forward. Here he is pictured with Brother Black.

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