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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Service in Alex!

On Friday May 13th, 2016 a few of the Johannesburg Zone Elders met together with Wendy Malpage, a member of the Sandton ward. Wendy organized a tour of two service sites located in the Johannesburg Zone.
We also were joined by Elder and Sister Robinson, a missionary couple serving as Humanitarian missionaries.
Elders Flack, Warnock, Mamhere, Maraetefau, Masiya and Rouse were among those that came.
Wendy gave us an overview of the kind of service she is offering weekly at the Hospice Center located in the heart of the Alexandra Township.

She serves a soup kitchen here once a week on Thursday mornings. She could use some help in this endeavor and 2 of our missionaries will be joining her weekly to serve.

Elder and Sister Robinson just arrived in the mission and they are focused on sustainable humanitarian projects. It was great to have their perspective.
Mama Grace is the leader! She shared with us the goals of the hospice and why she started it. She also shared all of the miracles that have come together to make this dream of hers a reality.
Some loval members in Sister Malpage's ward came along.

We got a tour and explanation of all of the services and buildings. There is a lot happening with limited resources.
Always great to expose missionaries to projects in the community they can get involved with.
Great care is taken to provide as nice of facilitates on a limited budget.
This is the urgent care unit

After our visit to the Hospice, we drove about 15 minutes to the Old Age Home on 8th Avenue, also in Alexander Township.
We were able to meet many residents and as well as volunteers.  Elder Warnock even placed a few Books of Mormon.

Service was rendered with some musical numbers offered.

This site has over 100 residents and over 500 people come to have lunch each and every day. This is run by a religious group and they welcome other religious groups to serve and share their message freely. We re hopeful to be able to bring some missionaries here on a regular basis.

Sister Malpage treated the missionaries to her homemade lemonade. In her spare time, she has a Lemonade business and she sells her personalized and specialty lemonade to stores and vendors. It was a big hit at the end of our tour!

Thanks Wendy for setting this up for all of us. We look forward to continuing in with more service in the community.

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