President and Sister Dunn

Friday, October 30, 2015

Awesome New Bunch!

On October 27, 2015 a new group of Elders joined the ranks of the SAJM. We could not be more thrilled with this new awesome group. They come with accolades from President Phil Collins from the MTC. 
Elder Wardle, Adams, Mkwizu, Luweire, Reynolds
Kilgore, Avarell, Campbell, Flack, Benson

Elder Mkwizu
Trainer: Elder Hughes
Elder Avarell
Crestline, CA
Elder Campbell
Chino Hills, CA
Trainer: Elder Jackson
Elder Flack
Rock Springs, WY
Trainer: Elder Zitzumane
Elder Kilgore
Chubbuck, Idaho
Trainer: Elder Gramu
Elder Luweire
IUanga, Uganda
Trainer: Elder Laminie
Elder Adams
Dublin, Ireland
Trainer: Elder Gwaka

Elder Reynolds
Telford, UK
Trainer: Elder Nicotra
Elder Wardle
Kearns, Utah
Trainer: Elder Jada 
Elder Benson
Bountiful, Utah
Trainer: Elder Asay
Elder Adamson
Ossett, England
Trainer: Elder Bergman
*arrived from the Englad MTC- a day later!


  1. It will be fun to meet these new guys!

  2. I'm so excited for your new group. They are so lucky to have you and Pres. Dunn. Bridger (Elder Silvester) is trying to email you but he can't find your email. Can you send it to him @, pretty please. Thank you in advance and thanks again for all you have done and do.