President and Sister Dunn

Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Bear in Benoni

On Saturday October 10, 2015 a Bear came to Benoni in the form of President Dunn's Bear Talk! 

Since this is a fireside that President Dunn offers to ward and full time missionaries, we were so happy to accept the invitation and go on a Saturday afternoon..

Over 60 ward and community members showed up to hear this tale of survival. 
We were so proud of Elder Ndwandwe and Elder Hlophe for working so well with the Bishopric and Ward Mission Leader to plan and carry out this event. They all did a lot of advertising.  
We enjoyed meeting members and friends before and after the meeting.
Look at these great ward members. 
Bishop Shabalala and his beautiful family.
Their 6 children range in age from 13 to 3.
Elder Ndwandwe, Bishop Shabablala and Elder Hlophe
The Lombard family of 5 boys.
Brother Lombard is in the Bishopric and really spearheaded this event. He shared the bear talk on CD with his children in a recent Family Home Evening. The children were so interested in this story of Bears and Prayers, that they all wanted to hear about it personally.
These 5 boys are in the Lombard family, Ethan, 11, Daniel, 9, Corbin, 10, Joseph, 12 and Rueben, 7. Really amazing children! Great future missionaries.
Kids having fun.
At the end of the fireside we watched the missionaries run out to meet and connect with a gal names Barbara who showed up to the fireside. She lives in the area and  is interested in meeting with the missionaries.
As we drove out we looked back and saw Bishop Shabalala engaging with the Relief Society President. There are so many great people in this ward and it was fun to see them in action. 


  1. oh my heck! Those kidlets couldn't be cuter if they tried. Love this post.

  2. Love this and all the cute faces in it! I really love the poster too :)
    Wish I could be in the audience!!