President and Sister Dunn

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Final Interview Week-Joburg and Vaal Zone

On Tuesday October 13, 2015 we gathered the Johannesburg to the mission home for interviews. This was our first group if the day. Elders Gwaka, Tima, Shamanga and Mamhere (seated) Elders Phiri, Perkins, Widdison and Carter (standing)

Starting the interview in our missionary room downstairs. This is where we start and have them complete the interview survey.

Elders Perkins, Tima, Phiri. Widdison, Mamhere, Shamanga, Gwaka, Carter and me, Sister Dunn!

One last picture before they go: Gathering with President Dunn

Next group up: Elders Savage, Souza, Henderson, Todd, Kufoalor and Brown
Putting their "I am a Mormon" personal spotlights on our wall. It has been fun to have these reflections slowly increase as Elders keep coming. It has become the "I am" wall and is centered in Jesus Christ as the "Great I Am."

Elder Todd, Brown, Kufoalor, Henderson, Savage and Souza! We love all of these missionaries and have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about each of them as they have shared more about their personal journey. 

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