President and Sister Dunn

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Interviews: "Meet the Mormons!

On interview day the cars start arriving outside the mission home...
..and we are ready....
......with flags welcoming them here

It is interview time once again. This opportunity rolls around every three months.
Today, Tuesday September 22nd, we hosted the Roodepoort Zone.  We had 19 Elders come for interviews. We had each missionary complete a personal survey and participate in the "I am a Mormon" campaign, by writing one of their own.

I  served hot bread and honey butter while they watched the "Meet the Mormons" a documentary type film showing 6 diverse Mormons and their lives. 

We focused on the individual missionaries and had them each share a glimpse into what makes them a unique Mormon. 
Filling out their personal survey before tour individual campaigns begin.

We took time to review the "I am a Mormon" pass-a-long cards. We discussed how to use these tools most effectively. I reminded our missionaries that their stories are interesting to investigators and allows them to also show great interest in their investigators lives as well, while drawing attention to the wide, diverse population of Mormons.

Below are pictures of the missionaries as they came in groups over the months of September and October. 
Roodeport Zone! First group was the Randfontein District with the Roodepoort Elders:
Elders Kei, Nonumwar Bonifaz, Peterson, Ratsimbazafy and Randrianavalona
2nd group from Roodepoort included: Elders 'Ahome'e, Maratefau, Taylor, Delahoy. Hepworth and Wilombe
Thursday October 1, Soweto Zone:

Elders Holloway, Manuma, Smith, Wegrowski, Mdletshe, Ete, Rako and Smalley

 In between the segments on "Meet the Mormons" movie...each Elder is sharing their story and we all ask questions. This has been so insightful and fun to learn even more about our wonderful Elders.

Below: Mugenyi, Rako, Turauskis, Rini, Mazanyane, Edeyaoch and Mapenda from the Soweto Zone.

Above: Elder Allen, Jackson, De La Cruz, Natwijuka, Lino and Nicotra from the Roodepoort Zone

Elders Rouse, Dean, Muweesi, Cummings, Gramu, Mavundla, Swindlehurst, West

Elders Musandirire, Downs, Matanga, Dlamini, Masiya, Rushton, Laminie, Moloi, Kwaibaisi

Elders Broadhead, Clegg, Hlophe, Ndwandwe and President Dunn

Elders Masiya celebrated his 21st birthday on our interview day, so we was treated to a song, a candle and a birthday sundae!


  1. Such a fun idea! Did you end up using the "I Am From" poem?

  2. Hello Dunns, I am trying to make a contact in South Africa for my son who is going to be doing an internship in Twi Rivieres from October through December. Do you have an email address? Please email to me at Thank you!