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Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Transitioning Ten

On Tuesday October 27th 10 Elders officially ended their mission. As part of their final day, we start the night before and host a departing dinner for all of them and nay family that has come to pick their son's up. 
Top: Elder Holloway, Elder Delahoy, Elder Henderson, Elder Worton, Elder Smith, Elder Perkins, Elder Edeyaoch, Elder Silvester, Elder Packard, Elder Robbins
We love each and every one of these great young men!
Below are some fun pictures of them together on this last morning before they helped to pick up the new Elders from the MTC

On Monday October 26th, we hosted them all for a departing diner at the mission home. It is wonderful to have the house filled with these great Elders for the evening on their last night on their mission. 

They each leave a personal page for our mission scrapbook. 

Our Assistants become waiters on this night, with a little help from our member friend, Kayla Westpfahl

We enjoy a reflective discussion and this time we even got some great comments from our parents that were visiting with us, the Smith's and the Robbins.

Our evening officially ended with the mission song and a prayer. Then, the missionaries enjoy and relax and visit for the rest of the evening.

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  1. these are bittersweet nights - i remember from being there for one! the food looks so good and i love the title "transitioning ten!"