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Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Warm Welcome!

On a beautiful spring day on the last day of September 2015, we gathered the new missionaries that arrived just 2 weeks ago on September 15th. They have been on their mission for almost 1 month, due to their time in the MTC.
Our new Elders to the mission, received a warm welcome (literally) on this lovely spring day.
L-R- Front row, Elder Vataiki and Elder Lino
Back Row- Elder Banda, Chirwa, Elder Manoo, Elder Daki, Elder Shamanga, Elder Kei

Our Assistants, Elder Olson and Elder Masoka did such a great job getting them organized and  introduced.  This day was a warm and windy welcome for new Elders. This is the first time in the mission home for most of the new Elders.

This is a powerful group that hails from various countries in Africa, Papua New Guinea and Samoa. We enjoyed gathering these great Elders together again and offer them an Orientation.

We had all of our sessions outside under the patio to keep cool on a warm spring day here in South Africa.

After the Orientation, we headed to the front yard to enjoy a Braai with South African Boerewors. It is always a nice time to relax and let everyone socialize a bit before heading off.
Elders Daki, Dlamini and Elder Watenga
Loving lunch: Elder Daki, Elder Banda, Elder Chirwa, Elder Moloi, Elder Tekurio and Shamanga
Elder Irakize from Burundi and Elder Natwijuka from Uganda found a nice place under the tree to enjoy lunch.

Elder Morrill was here not too long ago as a new missionary, but now he is here as a great trainer. 
Elder Manoo, Kei, Chiriwa, Banda and Dube seated enjoying lunch.
Our two Elders from Zambia, Elder Shamanga and Elder Banda. Our friends, President and Sister Erickson are the Mission Presidents In Zambia and helped to get these two prepared for their missions. 

President Dunn enjoying time with Elder Watenga and Elder Dlamini in the background.
Final chances to visit before everyone heads out. We love this special opportunity to be with these great new Elders and their trainers.

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  1. Fun to see everyone out on the patio instead! It's crazy that things are heating up there instead of cooling off like they are here!