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Monday, November 2, 2015

Senior Couple Hello/Goodbye's

Welcoming new senior couples and saying good-bye to others is part of the game here on a mission. This time was particular bitter sweet. We have 4 couples gang home and only 1 newly arrived. We had a fun evening in the mission home on Monday November 2nd to honor the great service of couples- the Thompsons the Taylors, the Hansen’s and the Butlers. Three of the four couples had been re-assigned to the Botswana mission on July 1st. We so enjoyed getting to have them come and be with us for this evening.
We even got the Campbell’s to come down with the Butlers from Tzaneen and stay over in the mission home.
We have loved serving with these fine people and enjoyed the chance to tell them and then have them share a little about their experience with everyone. This was a wonderful testimonial about how rewarding it is to serve a senior mission.

Sister Butler with Sister Thompson
We love filling up the house with great people. Everyone enjoyed the South African fare- Bobotie, Yellow rice with malva pudding.

We enjoyed getting the AP's to join with us.
The kitchen crew, minus Sister Allred who is taking the picture.
Sister Larsen is our new office secretary who will handle all the travel. She and her husband come to us from Arizona and are going to be a wonderful new addition.

The Taylor's had great stories of their service in Botswana, Johannesburg and now the temple. They are currently on their 6th mission. We have learned so much from them and really appreciate all their enthusiasm for mission work. They are an inspiration to all of us.
The Thompson's have been so loved in our mission office. They arrived just a month before we came in July 2014 and have handled all the travel, visa's cars, bikes and financial affairs. We have been so appreciative of all they have done. They will be missed and leave big shoes to fill.
The Butlers have endeared themselves to us for many reasons. Little Sister Butler has always wanted to serve a mission in Africa. She was so thrilled to get a call here. Elder Butler has been supportive and really been such a trooper. he loves to serve and cook at every opportunity. They claim they have fallen more in love while serving their senior mission. They are going home and plan to reapply for another mission.
The Hansen’s certainly have left a legacy in the SAJM and now Botswana. They started in the mission office and helped get everything sorted out and re-organized. Then they were re-assigned to an outlying area to serve in a MLC capacity as a couple out in the mission. Once they got that figured out they were asked to move to the Botswana mission and help re-organize a new mission with new boundaries. Everything they have been asked to do, they have done over and above.

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