President and Sister Dunn

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Time to Orient again

It is always fun to open the doors of the mission home to our newest Elders and their trainers for a day of Orientation. On November 4, 2015 we had 12 new Elders participate in this event. Below are a few of the trainee's with their trainers. 

Elder Jada and Elder Wardle
Elder Reynolds with Elder Nicotra
Elder Bergman with Elder Adamson
Sister Irene Shabalaya with the Ryttings, Irene, Lizzie and Paul.
 Our friends Paul and Irene Rytting were in town. Paul works as an attorney for the church and works specifically with the missionary department with risk and liability issues. It was perfect to have him participate in Orientation. He shared information and experiences about cars and missionaries! He also expressed such love for the work and the men in the room.
Our daughter Emi Dunn Rigby was also able to participate. She loves each and every chance to see the mission work in action and to meet the amazing missionaries. This was a very special day to hear form our guests and to have them participate with us.

This was an extra special opportunity because we had 2 sets of visitors and they were able to participate. 
We set up the room a little different today due to the large number of guests. It is a great feeling to have the house so full of missionaries. We love this day.

They love the program and the opportunity to learn more about each other and the mission. We have about 3 hours of information we present. Then, the best part we serve lunch!
As always, we serve a South African lunch with a few (actually 70) Boerworst on the grill and after lunch they get a taste of a great South African dessert, Malva Pudding. It is nice to have the AP's do the cooking. Plus, they help set up and take down everything for this day.


A little ping pong is always enjoyed before and after the lunch!
What a fun day to have everyone gathered together. This new group is off to a great start. 
We wish Irene and Paul Rytting and James and Lizzie could stay and be with us every time!


  1. Can I just say it is Elder Adamson with Elder Bergman (not Benson), I only noticed because he is my son :)
    I absolutely love your Blog, I look forward to every post especially when it includes pictures of our favourite missionary. Really appreciate your time taken to do it. Thank you thank you x
    Jannine Adamson

  2. Orientation days are the best days! I love hearing the companions introduce each other and the food was delicious once again. Also, I just noticed Dad is wearing a BLUE tie?!