President and Sister Dunn

Monday, November 23, 2015

House Guests November 2015

During the month of November 2015 the mission home had the pleasure of welcoming a number of house guests. It makes it a better place for having so much activity within the walls of the mission home. Our missionaries also benefit from the interaction of our dear friends.
Paul, Irene, James and Lizzie Rytting came to visit form Salt Lake City. Paul works for the LDS Church as an attorney, handling risk and liability issues all over the  world in relation to missionaries. We were so delighted he had a business trip here and Irene and James and Lizzie were able to join with him. We go way back with this delightful family and irene and I went to school together. WE love the Ryttings and enjoyed our week together so much.

Elder Masoka and Elder Olson also loved the time together.
On Sunday November 1st, we invited the Shabalala family to come together for lunch. Here is Mpumi with the AP's.
During this time we also loved having Dave and Laura Smith stay overnight a few nights. It was a bonus to get them as house guests for a few nights before they headed back to Utah to be with Elder Spencer Smith.

On Dave's birthday we took time to go the the Botannical Garden.
We also spent time on the "Neck Deck" with a new found friend.

Next Chelsea and Rob Wood came to town and boy did they make 10 days in Africa count. From Cape Town to Kruger, they did it all and saw it all. Between shark diving, bungee jumping and game sightings we got to enjoy dinner at Wombles and some time at the Lino Park. We loved being with them so much.
Petting the lion cubs is always a hit.

We loved our guide Christopher at the Lion Park.
We even made time for an early morning mountain bike ride at Emmerentia Park in Joburg.

A highlight was serving at the Diepsloot Elementary School for an hour. These two know how to make kids smile. They wanted them to come back next week..and so do I!!

In the midst of all of these visitors I had the delight and complete surprise to have our daughter, Emi Dunn Rigby show up unannounced and be in the kitchen one afternoon. She was planning to arrive on Thursday November 26th (Thanksgiving Day) with her husband Chase. Instead, she and her dad strategized and Emi flew in 3 weeks early. She has been with us for all of these fun house guests and made it even more fun for all of us. More pictures coming about Emi's time here. Luckily, she is staying on for more of December. It is really like having a sister missionary here to help us move the work forward.


  1. shocking and saddening that you took them to pet lion cubs. Have you learnt about this issue re petting? If not please learn more and never visit anywhere that allows cub petting

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