President and Sister Dunn

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Zoning In....

In the New Year, President Dunn and I decided it is time we get out to each and every zone in our mission and spend a day letting them "show us around" in their respective areas.  We often have interviews or zone conferences, where the missionaries come together to the mission home or a Stake Center. So, it felt like time to be on their turf and touch down with each and every zone.

So, today we had our first "Zoning In" day with the "Centurion Zone". Elder Worton and Anderson, the Centurion Zone Leaders planned a great half day for us with Elders in their zone. We had the pleasure of getting to study with two companionship, go tracting in a mall with 2 others and end our time teaching with 2 Elders to an investigator in a township.

This is a great start to a fun new activity for us. 1 zone down, 9 zones to go!
We visited Elder Dube and Magrangqa in their flat in Birch Acres. Elder Magrangqa has been training Elder Dube and they are a great companionship. We also inspected their flat and were so impressed with the cleanliness, orderliness and maintenance. We are starting a new system of having Zone Leaders dropping in for flat inspections, with senior couples coming by to access the condition of the flats. We gave these Elders a green card for an acceptable flat. We even chose to post pictures of their cleanliness! We hope other Elders will follow their example. Their mother's should be proud!
Impressive- this is a flat their mothers would stay in!
We also spent time with the Tembisa 1 and Tembisa 2 Elders. They share a 4 man flat and we had time to have companionship study with Elder Garnica and Elder Perkins.  It was a valuable time to see their patterns and habits for studying. We enjoyed spending time and learning with them for an hour.
 Elder Adjei and Elder Thembu came down and visited before they left for appointments.  Great visit!
We loved spending time with Elder Widdison and Elder Larsen in the mall. What great missionaries these Elders are.  We made some good contacts and hopefully follow-ups will happen.
Our final activity for the day was with Elder Anslie and Todd in the township of Ebony. We loved hearing them teach their investigator. They even let us participate. They had 21 investigators at church this past Sunday. They are tearing it up. Don't miss that they wore their green ties today! President Dunn has a fetish for green ties, and only wears that color! It is rumored that he has over 40 in various shades!!

All in all, we got a better feel for the Centurion zone, it's boundaries, Elders and work that is going on. We will also be in the temple with this great zone of Elders on Friday morning.
We feel so lucky to be able to be out amongst our amazing Elders.


  1. I LOVE this!! Glad I was at the meeting where the idea was announced :)

    Love that those elders wore their green ties for dad, and I only wish I could have come on one of these mall blitzes! Love it love it.

  2. I enjoy reading every word of this blog, but it is especially fun when pics of my son pop up!! Thank you, Sister Dunn!

    1. Sister Todd-
      I love your son and he is doing such a wonderful job, as I am sure you are aware. For such a new Elder himself, he is really rising to the occasion as a wonderful trainer. So glad you are reading.

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  4. Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! You guys are a true inspiration! I love how creative and how much fun you make missionary work. Thanks for sharing. It is just delightful to check in and get a glimpse of your experience!