President and Sister Dunn

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Reuniting is the Sweetest Joy

"if it’s true, as shakespeare wrote, 
that “parting is such sweet sorrow,” 
then perhaps we could say that reuniting 
is the sweetest joy..... while saying goodbye 
can be heart-wrenching at times, 
reconnecting with loved ones we haven’t 
seen in a while can be among life’s 
greatest moments.

for this reason, airports can be the 
happiest and the saddest of places - full of 
goodbyes and hellos that bring a tear to the 
eye and a lump to the throat. soldiers 
returning from active service are joyously
 embraced. loved ones away for a season are
 welcomed into open arms. and weary 
travelers are almost instantly rejuvenated 
by the sight of their family or friends. 
it matters not if they’ve been away for a 
few days or a few years... welcome-homes 
are moments to cherish
Our only daughter and baby of the family
came to visit us for 10 days.
This was her scouting trip, as she plans to
be back before the year ends with her
husband, Chase! We were reminded what
parents feel like when their missionaries come
 home after two years. 
We have only been apart for a little over 6 months
and it was such a sweet reunion.
We whisked her off to a meeting of all our zone leaders
at the mission offices.
 She agreed to bear her testimony and had a chance to meet each Zone Leader
from the 10 zones of our mission.
In her short 10 daysshe packed it in with us.
She participated in our Mission Orientation,
 visited the Kanymazane branch in a village with our great Elders and
ward members....mostly children

and even made it to the Johannesburg Temple.....
she also experienced saying good-bye to 
Elder Wadsworth at the airport as he 
completed his honorable mission.

and a whole lot more..stay tuned for a few more posts!
But, before we knew it, it was time to say good-bye again and we all shed some tears. reality, we are continually saying goodbye
 and hello. and because life is short, we must
 make the most of each homecoming. 

Boy, we sure tried...and succeeded.... in making the most of her 10 days here. Can't wait for her to return and other family and friends to come and get a glimpse of this amazing mission, Elders, work and country! We also loved having Emi see the wonders of nature and the wonders of new friends and foods we have encountered!


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  2. So exciting! Enjoy every minute,every hour and every day.