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Monday, January 12, 2015

Cooking on the Road

Our December interviews were all wrapped up, with only memories and Christmas clean-up left.  
 There were some pretty good memories….
........Like lots of musical numbers performed by districts. Each one added a great feeling to the mission home and a great start to our interview and workshop time together. I also have great memories of wonderful chefs in the kitchen over the past month.  They left us with great recipes which we added to the new green binder.

 Hopefully, more of these recipes will get made in the coming weeks and months.

I even shared some family Christmas miracles with them, if we had time before or after the cooking. Our little grandson Zach came to our family just before Christmas last year. It added such a new perspective on the Christmas season and Christ's love for each of us. He knows us personally and prepares us for our journey.  This was a special time to share a spiritual thought with the missionaries at the Christmas season.

However, we still had three groups of Elders to interview that do not live close to the mission home. So, we took the interviews and the cooking demonstrations “on the road”

We first stopped in Nelspruit and gathered together with Elder Smith and Kankunen and Elder Pulley and Wilombe. However, the power was off that night and so I have no pictures to show for it. We talked around a lantern and had a wonderful couple of hours together while President Dunn interviewed each one of them.  I talked with them about all the good food they can and do make. We left the food and recipes for them to make when the power was back on!

Next, we went to Polokwane. We met in the small chapel and used the kitchen there to make  Elder Richard’s chili recipe and I added the corn bread recipe using the corn maize that is a staple here.  
 It was fun to see it all come together. These guys are great cooks. They even got to each take a pan of cornbread home for later consumption. I wonder if they made it out of the parking lot before eating it??
Elder Olson, Johnson, Dye, Roybal, Bua and Delahoy. This is a great group of missionaries and they are doing a wonderful job teaching and testifying in Polokwane and Mokopane.

On Saturday afternoon, January 9, 2015, our road trip ended in Tzaneen, where another group of great Elders (how are we so lucky to have amazing Elders everywhere in the mission?) cooked up the same recipes. Each group added their own flavor and style. We really had fun talking, working together and preparing food.  There were senior couples and district presidencies in and out of the building while we were cooking. We were able to share the food with everyone. 
These are new companionship's since our transfer on Tuesday January 6th. Elder Koyle and Elder Smith-Holley are in Modjadje, Elder Stephens and Elder Dzowa are serving in Lenenye and Elder Novotny and Elder Lamini are in Tzanen with Sister and Elder Campbell-not hat is not Elder Campbell with Sister Campbell!:) President Dunn helped clean up after the cooking demo's! Actually, the Elder's did all the dished and cleaned every last item! They are fun to be with and work with !
As we were leaving, Elder Laminie showed me his cool jacket he had personally made for himself before coming on mission It rides around in the boot (trunk) mostly in the NorthEast. It is a little too hot for jackets like this!!
This is how I felt after cooking and eating with 10 zones. Time for a diet. 

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  1. Hahaha your comment on that last pic is great. Love how fun...and make the interview days!!