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Monday, January 5, 2015

What's cookin'

The last week of December, the house was filled with missionaries as we finished off interviews. The Benoni, Pretoria and Soweto zones all came after Christmas and the kitchen was busy with Elders cooking all kinds of dishes.  It has been a fun round of interviews with the holiday ornaments and music to start the day, and then cooking demonstrations put on by the Elders.
You can see from the pictures…….good food was being whipped up each day.  We had everything from gourmet macaroni and cheese, to chili and enchiladas. We even had omelets, burritos, german pancakes and crepes. Elders also made authentic soups and stews from their country and showed us how to make caibattai’s, like tortilla’s.  Hopefully these workshops will continue to foster healthy, inexpensive and quick meals that Elders can plan for and cook together in their companionships.




Since there was so much cooking going on, I made some homemade bread and homemade sweetrolls and gave them as “gifts from the heart” to our AP’s and also Irene and her family for Christmas. Cooking has so many positive outcomes. It bonds people together, helps them eat and feel better and increases skills as you learn new recipes and ideas. It has been a fun series of workshops to do with all the missionaries.

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  1. Love that you do this! Such a fun idea. I am counting down until i get to taste your sweet rolls soon!!!