President and Sister Dunn

Monday, January 12, 2015

In with the New...

January  2015
"In with the new....and out with the old!"
Actually, on our January transfer no missionaries went home. So, it was just "in with the new!"
 So, on the morning of January 7, 2015  we picked up two Elders from O. R. Tambo. This is a treat for us because usually the MTC would pick them up and we would get them from the MTC. Due to this time of year, the MTC was closed, so we received them from the Provo MTC.

We love getting up early and heading to the airport with our Assistants with our airport greeting sign to meet Elders deplaning. It is thrilling to see them come out the doors at name them as "our own." We wish we could greet each and every missionary this way.
So, here is a little bit about the two Elders we picked up this morning:
Elder Turauskiis from Lithuania. He found the church two years ago. He was Catholic and believed in God. He was living  in major city for school and was praying to find Christ in his life again. The next day he was walking down the street, and two Mormon missionaries approached him. The rest is history...He was able to baptize his mother the week before he left on his mission. He just finished University and has an IT certificate. He has a great spirit about him.

His new companion is Elder May from Holladay, UtahThey will be great together.
Elder May just barely completed his 12 week program as a new missionary. It is a compliment to him that the Lord sees him ready and able to now switch roles and be a trainer.

Elder Nelson is from Brisbane, Australia. He has from the same ward as our Elder Haynes. His family are all members.  He loves fitness. He is an avid sports junkie. He loves soccer, running and basketball.  He loves music and is learning piano. His work has been at a cinema, so he knows quite a bit about movies!! :) He loves history. He comes from a family of 4 children and is the first person in his family to go out of the country of Australia for his mission. He and Elder Barton are new companions. Elder Barton is also from Utah and will bring great energy and focus for Elder Nelson...and also fun!

President Dunn has also felt inspired to keep leadership positions fluid. He has released wonderful zone leaders to go back into the field, taking their leadership experience with them and calling new leaders.

This transfer we have 5 new zone leaders:
Elder Thompson, D.
Elder Johnson
Elder Wambua
Elder Anderson
Elder Kairu
Elder Stilgoe
We were also sad to say good-bye to Elder Stephens as he heads North for his last transfer. He has been with us from the beginning and the first Assistant President Dunn called. He have learned so much form him and loved his assistance, love, devotion, humility and service. We are excited for him to help move the work forward in Lenenye in the North East.

Below are a few additional pictures from our first transfer day of 2015. It is always a big day, even if no one is leaving to go home.

Elders Jackson, Johnson and Stephens

Elder Maraetefau checking out the map and the 26 countries our Elders hail from!
Last but not least, The two Elders listed below did not get their pictures posted when they arrived in the fall.  We want to not miss the chance to add them to the history. We are delighted to have Elder Bonifaz and Elder De La Cruz from Mexico joining our mission. They arrived off the regular transfer schedule and we are so happy to have them bringing their great spirit and energy to the SAJM. Welcome!

Elder Bonifaz^ above and Elder De La Cruz below! 
Elder DeLa CruzSo this is the first of 8 transfers in this 2015 year.  They will all come fast and be a whirlwind. We are trying to pause and enjoy each and every transfer and the amazing missionaries we get to interact with as they are either coming or going. Luckily we get to know them so well and love them so much!!


  1. Can't wait to walk through those doors!! :) also- greatest pic of dad hugging elder Stephens hahahah !!

  2. Thank you for those great pictures and comments that parents can track(?) our children !