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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

P-Day with Emi

We were able to enjoy two of our P-days on Saturday with our daughter Emi. As we traveled on mission business, we were also able to carve out some time to see some animals and the wonders of nature. Below are a few of the amazing places and sights we saw in our brief time together.
Amazing Africa Sky!

God's Window and Mac Mac Falls on the Panaroma Route
Two different game reserves with safari drives!
Precious Time Together
The thrill of the safari jeep rides and trackers, Olaf and Steven
Besides the animal sightings, the views and vistas were spectacular!

Rest breaks!
Information about everything from plants, animals, weather and reserves!
Great animal sightings!
A visit to the Boma's (enclosures) after for a delicious traditional Braai...both nights!
A visit to Kruger National Park did not disappoint.  We saw many animals, but were most thrilled by our many sightings of many elephants..from small to large!
We loved how the elephants came out of the bush and more and more kept coming.....
Then they decided to walk right down the road for a bit, so we could see them for longer.......and then they disappeared into the bush. We felt like we were the only people in the Park that day!

A final visit to the Lion-Rhino Park gave us our feel fro up close and personal with the lions and giraffe's. We loved every minute being together and enjoying these amazing and awe-inspiring animals.  Notice, objects in the rear view mirror are closer than they appear!

We even got Emi up really early one morning and had her ride bikes with us on a  "Cradle of Humankind" loop. It was fun to show her a place we can safely ride our bikes...and how beautiful and wide open it is. You would never guess we were so close to a big city.

9 holes of golf at the Legends golf course by Entabeni rounded off our Saturday.  We felt like the only people on the course, but it was extra fun to have such a cute caddy and driver in Em!

Pretty fun to play in the shadow of Hanglip Mountain. Entabeni of mountains, and it is what makes this area so beautiful We had fun on this beautiful afternoon to spend time together and hit a few balls. I hit many more than my partner! :) But, I did get a birdie on a Par 3. First time for that, I believe! Lucky!!

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  1. I can't believe the fun we had ..... so glad we documented it so I can relive it again and again, until next time! :)