President and Sister Dunn

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Food for Thought

Many people look at our blog and comment that ..."It sure looks like you cook a
lot of meals and eat with missionaries often!" is a great reason to gather and missionaries really love having food to relax around and have as part of our trainings. So, yes, we gather a lot around food. We loved that Emi arrived during a leadership lunch and meeting following. She got a "taste" for it right off the plane.  And then for the next 10 days...we planned many gatherings with "food and friends."
I made her favorite homemade whole wheat sweet rolls a few times.  Nothing quite like "tastes from home.."

Many meals out and about followed and it was a fun part of our time together.

Johannesburg is a melting pot and the places to eat are limitless.  Plus, the food is fresh, creative and healthy here. There are many things we will miss. Emi liked going to the grocery store and photographing the fruits and vegetables. Her dad also was an expert at cutting fresh mangoes and making smoothies!

 It was great to expose Emi to a few of the places and people we have loved in our first 7 months here.

Our very first night dinner, we took Emi to Wombles. This fun restaurant in Parktown was a great way to welcome Emi to South Africa, with a delicious meal and atmosphere. We all enjoyed a fillet, due to the fact that South Africa does meat better than anywhere we have ever been!

During our daughter's brief stay, we were able to invite many together to dine with us and to meet her. We appreciate the many new friends we have made that are willing to take the time and gather together with us to meet our daughter. They truly showed such love with their time and interest.
To start it off, our dear, dear friend Lynne van der Hover, from the Centurion Stake, invited Emi and I way in advance to save the date for a girls pedicure and lunch in Parktown. This was such a treat and of course, Lynne took us to the most fun places. We loved every minute and we love her.
She knows how to pick everything from food, to fun shops, to fun places!

Getting to go out together another evening with Lynne and her great husband Theo  was a highlight of our time together.  They are such generous friends and picked the #1 rated restaurant in Johannesburg on trip advisor:
 -Cafe Del Sol- Botannical 

We enjoyed an afternoon lunch at "Second Cup" in Weltervreden Farm. These wonderful ladies have become such dear friends and it was lovely to connect Emi with them. Michele Stitt, Charnell de Kock and Jenny Cook.

We were invited to join the Klintworth family for dinner at their home. It was so fun to be together with them and let Emi meet this darling family that we have become so close with. We have common friends with the Klintworths back in the states and it has forged an instant friendship.

We entertained 12 senior couples and missionaries in the mission home while Emi was here as we bid farewell to many of them on their last night before they transitioned home or to another assignment. It was fun to have Emi see the  routine we go through when we have special departure dinners.  She got to sit by Elder Wadsworth who was leaving the next day.
A dinner together at Doppio Zero, where we enjoyed sweet chili chicken pizza, pasta and thai chicken salad. Our favorites and fun to share with Emi.
We also went to Soweto and experienced a Kota with our friend Mtetelele Sidzatane.  This is a township favorite, made with a quarter loaf of bread and filled with french fries, meat, cheese, egg, etc. It was good, but we cut one in thirds...too much food for us!  This is a food that many of our Elders eat often.
We loved our meal at Tasha's at Hyde Park.  The food below shows why it is one of our favorite places. Tessa greeted us and Emi did a feature on their food for her blog, The Well Traveled Wife.

No room for dessert after this amazing meal of Eggs Benedict, Coconut French Toast and Butternut Salad.

Our last night together was spent at Signature in Sandton. It was so delicious and a fun evening to plan our next time Emi would come and reflect on the amazing opportunity to have her come and be  with us and see first hand this amazing mission, Elders and South Africa.

We shared this last evening with our neighbor and friend Pierre van Breda.  He introduced us to Signature and we thought it would be fun to have him join with us this time. Pierre and I got our favorite dish here, Ostrich Fillet. Yum!!

The good part about sharing al the food and friends, is that EMi is already planning her next trip back here to share all of the great people and amazing food with her husband, Chase!  Chase is actually mpost excited about coming and meeting all the missionaries. He has requested all opportunities to be with them, teaching, tracting, studying, etc. He LOVED his mission in Alabama and can't wait to come to the SAJM!


  1. Hahaha we ate SO well! Between your cooking, the amazing restaurants and the unreal grocery stores, I'm convinced SA has the best food on earth!!!

  2. Hi Linda, I am a long term reader of Emis blog and now just happened to find your. Let me just say it looks like you and your husband are doing great work in SA and I love how you (just like Emi) manage to capture so much genuine enthusiasm and love in you words. I was wondering if you have shared the recipe for your sweet rolls somewhere before. After seeing them on Emis blog several times and now here again I just have to make them because they look sooo good.
    All the best to you, your husband all the members of your mission,

    Ulrike (from Germany)