President and Sister Dunn

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Senior Couples Coming and Going!

Senior Couples add so much to a mission! I thought I understood the impact of senior couples, but clearly I had no idea. We have so many great couples serving throughout this mission.  Currently, we count at least 12.  Some are assigned to teach seminary and/or Institute, but many are under the mission and help move the work forward. They support missionaries in their area and also branches and districts within the mission boundaries.

This past week we said good-bye and hello to senior couples all in the same day.
Having lunch with the Hunts as they head back to Sandy, Utah after 18 months. They made such a tremendous impact in the Nelspruit area of the mission. They have been a foundation for the branches in that area.

On the same day, the Scotts arrived from Alpine, Utah. They are serving their second mission. The first one was in NYC. They have lots of experience and a lot of charisma.  You can see Elder Scott sharing the gospel with the airport porter right as they landed.

We are excited to get such great couples in the South Africa Johannesburg Mission. The Scotts will serve also in Nelspruit, filling the vacancy created by the Hunts departure.

If you are thinking of serving a mission as a senior couple, do not delay! It is so rewarding and a meaningful way to give back, spread the gospel, stay young and have a grand adventure.
Make sure to request the South Africa Johannesburg Mission!!!


  1. you look DARLING with your african prints :)...and lucky senior couples! love seeing the new ones!

  2. ps can chase and i come as a senior couple? :)

  3. Working the with humanitarian couples was the best part of my career! I "retired" several months ago to stay home with the babe, but I still think of them often! I might have even trained a few of your couples in the MTC!

    1. We miss you so much, Christy! Thanks for all the training you did of us.