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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Meet our zone leaders!

Meet our great Zone Leaders! This is the debut of our new mission photos also.  We want to have similar photos of all our missionaries, since we put up their photos for transfers. The quality of the photos were not consistent, hence we are taking new ones of every missionary for our boards and files.

These zone leaders gather together every 6 weeks for a Mission Leadership Council  and they pick up packages and supplies for their zones weekly. They also provide leadership and direction for their entire zone. The largest zone is 26 Elders and the smallest is 18.
Benoni Zone: Elder Koyle and Elder Ranjato
Bedfordview Zone: Elder Luthey and Elder Lucking

Centurion Zone: Elder Wilkinson and Elder Matos

Johannesburg Zone: Elder George and Elder Farnes

NorthEast Zone: Elder Louw and Elder Reed

NorthWest Zone: Elder Dalton and Bird

Pretoria North Zone: Elder Ndikumana and Elder Kolditz

Pretoria Zone: Elder Martin and Wadsworth

Soweto Zone: Elder Keleboquile and Elder Dye

Vaal Zone: Elder Flynn and Elder Menendez

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