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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Potchefstroom gets a new President

We traveled to an area  that is about 2 hours away from the mission home to call a new Branch President.  This area has a wonderful senior couple serving there with President Pier over a year ago. Finally a local priesthood leader emerged and was trained and ready to be set apart.

The time came and it was thrilling to spend our 3rd Sunday there with these strong members of this small branch in a rural area called Potchefstroom*.

*Potchefstroom is an academic city in the North West Province of South Africa. It hosts the Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University. It is situated on the banks of the Mooirivier (Afrikaans for "pretty (or beautiful) river")
The church has a partnership with a local school and uses three rooms each Sunday.  Outside we visited with members in the courtyard.

The new Branch Presidency with the Piers, the Dunn's and the new missionaries, Elder Perez and Elder Lohmann.

We are so impressed with the tremendous love and leadership the Piers have given to this branch since their arrival a year ago.  Sister Pier plays music in every meeting and has led and inspired the members. President Pier has organized and trained the members and helped to put a new Branch Presidency in place. Sincere thanks to them.

The new Branch Presidency with President Kwaikwai and his counselors

This branch has many outstanding Young Single Adults due to the fact that it is a University town and many come to study here. 

The families captured my heart. I was able to hold this little boy all during Sunday School and he fell asleep in my arms. It helps with the void I feel being so far from my little grandchildren.

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