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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Crossing To Safety-4 New Elders!

On August 4th we received last minute news that 4 Elders were on their way to our South Africa Johannesburg Mission from the Sierra Leonne Mission which was forced to evacuate due to the Ebola virus concern. The church needed to be certain missionaries were safe, so sending many back to serve in their home countries was a safety measure.

First stop from the airport was at McDonalds to get some food for hungry travelers. They had been in the air and with layovers for over 30 hours. It was a mess trying to get everyone out of Sierra Leonne quickly. Elder Xa  

Elder Xalabile and Elder Rini arrived on Monday and so we were happy to have them share dinner with us. The other Elders came in on Tuesday morning.

They were very interested in who their new companions would be. These are great Elders to be joining our ranks.

We warmly welcomed the wonderful 4 Elders we retrieved from long flights and sad goodbyes for them with their companions in the Sierra Leonne mission.  
Elder Rini
Elder Xalabile

Elder Magrangoa

Elder Mthembu

 We had the delight to have them in our mission home for two days and shared meals and fun times talking and getting to know them. They are all outstanding missionaries and have amazing stories of joining the church and being on a mission.We are honored to have these amazing men in our mission.

Elder Xalabile and Elder Rini enjoying a bit of breakfast. Both of them had their luggage lost and still had such great spirits and were interested in helping in anyway they could. They could not be more mannerly and friendly Elders. We were happy to see them get picked up by their new companions, but sad to see them leave the mission home.

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  1. I love this! What cute elders, so glad they were safely evacuated!