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Sunday, August 3, 2014

New Elders Arrive-July 22, 2014

We received 10 new Elders in the mission on Tuesday July 21st.  What an exciting day for them and for us!  This is our first crop of new Elders as we begin. It is fun to think they will be with us for the whole time.

We tried a few new traditions with our new Elders. First, we had our 15 departing Elders rise and shine early and join with us at the Mission Training Center (MTC) for the pick up. The departing Elders went into the MTC and retrieved our new Elders. They helped them carry their bags across the parking lot and brought them in to meet us with the Assistants. They then stayed with us and we had a wonderful hour of Q and A with the new missionaries and the seasoned departing Elders. It was so meaningful for everyone.

Meet our new missionaries below:

Elder Reaveley joined our mission on June 22nd. He hails from Draper, Utah and his new trainer is Elder Henley. What a good new companionship.
Elder Garnica is from Mexico and radiates pure intent. He made everyone laugh when he announced that if anyone wants to see what a Mexican looks like...look at him! He was greeted by Elder Bokoer and Kelem, and his new trainer is Elder Loveless (upper right).

Elder McQueen comes to the JHB mission from Australia, but born in New Zealand.  He has a great trainer in Elder Riley, assigned to the Alexandra area.
Elder Smith Holley from New Zealand joins our ranks. He was brought out of the MTC by Elder Brinkerhoff from England, and his trainer is Elder Jon Olson.

Elder Taylor is from Utah and has a great trainer and first companion in Elder Mavundla. All the new Elders had a short, but intense volleyball match against the departing Elders.

Elder Melese has joined our mission from Sierra Leone. He had some medical reasons to be trandfered to our mission and finish up here. We are delighted to have him here and his new companion is Elder McCallister.

Welcome to Elder McCartney from Scotland! He is so excited to be on mission after years of hard work to prepare and make it a reality. His new father (trainer) is Elder Tuogiatomai from New Zealand.

Elder Kufoalor from Ghana was met in the MTC by Elder Purnell.  He comes with a lot of energy and we are happy his new trainer and companion be Elder Cluff.

Elder Clegg from Orem, Utah brought all his enthusiasm to the JHB mission! Departing Elder Ruekhart greeted him and his new companion Elder Smith is excited to teach him the ropes.

This first transfer for the Dunn's was very soon after we arrived. (about 21 days!) It was fun to put some new traditions in place, like a new electronic transfer that showed all the pictures of the companionship as they were announced. We also hosted a departing Elders vs. new Elders short volleyball match between sessions for a little breather for the new Elders. Having the departing Elders play a central role in welcoming the new guys, was a great success. Everyone benefited from their experience, genuine advice and strong testimonies.

Well, we made it through and felt like everyone is set for a 6 week cycle. Of course things still change, but it is a healthy part of a mission to have Elders get the chance to meet each other and learn to live with other people. This is one of the best growing experiences of a mission.  We were honored to see this process in action and to get a little experience in how we want to oversee this special day in the future.

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  1. Thanks for doing all this...for putting up pictures...for writing up the experiences. It's awesome to get a "bird's eye view" through your blog of the things happening with the mission & all the missionaries & my son. I appreciate your efforts! It's fun to watch you weave in and out of the mission with pictures and stories.