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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Welcome to Florida!! (our new home ward)

Our mission home address finds us belonging to the Florida Ward in the Soweto Stake.  We attended our meetings here today and had Elder Worton and Dzowa there early, joined by their investigator family they have been teaching.

 We were fortunate to sit on the stand and watch all the rows of members fill in. The meeting started at 8 am and by the end of sacrament the congregation was filled with about 100 people. We were able to attend the Gospel Essentials class with 4 investigators and a few members getting re-activated. It was great to discuss the concept of repentance with these people.  

I then attended Relief Society with 25 sisters. The discussion was about the blessings of the priesthood for women. The teacher and the women participated in such an honest and open discussion about the blessings of the Priesthood  in their lives. Many women commented  how they want the men in their lives to be empowered with the Priesthood and share in the blessings of the gospel with them.  A lack of men that have been ordained to hold the Priesthood is one of the greatest challenges with the church in Africa. There is a need for more men to be involved and take the responsibility of the Priesthood. The women do so much already, they need men to take their role and be empowered and involved.
I was honored to be in their midst and be able to participate in the dialogue.
The Florida ward building is part of a complex that houses the Missionary Training Center and the Mission Offices.  It is probably one of the few ward parking lots that has a security gate attendee letting you in and out.
Meet our great missionaries assigned to this ward and serving in the Soweto Zone
Elder Dzowa from Malawi and Elder Worton from Idaho! They are doing such a fabulous job here.
Elder Dzowa's scriptures are threadbare, due to his constant reading and studying. It is so amazing to see how much he had marked them and how mature he is in the gospel for such a young man.

Meet the Mthombeni family.  One of many strong members we met today. Brother Mthombeni served a mission in Kenya and has been home 8 years. He has a beautiful wife and darling children and represents the future and hope for the Church in Africa. 

The mission office is on the same property, so we ducked inside today to grab a few things.  Pretty nice set up for President Dunn. Great AP's make all the difference.

Outside the mission office
The Mission President has a big van to drive around Joburg and throughout our mission area. This big car comes in very handy!!

There is even a plaee for me to work alongside. In one week we have discovered how much goes on in a mission office. (all records, transportation, phones, medical, visas, passports, travel, supplies, housing, bedding, etc. etc.
We would love to have anyone come join with us in the work if you have the time and interest!!!!!:)

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