President and Sister Dunn

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Arriving at the Mission Home

Monday June 30

After 9 months since our call and 6 months since we have known we were gong to South Africa, we finally arrived at the mission home today. It feels like all the training prior to a endurance event and finally stepping across the start line. A little overwhelming, but an honor to be passed the torch from the Omer's and start off ourselves. We honor and respect the great job the Omer's have done and feel humbled to move this strong mission forward. Here we go!

Meeting our new Assistants, Elder Bodily from Pleasant Grove and Elder Davies from Australia
The passing of the torch from the Omer's to the Dunn's
at 15 Carnation Street in Roodeport South Africa at the Mission Home

"Last Lunch" with the Omer's and their daughter and son-in-law and the AP's
On the deck overlooking the front yard of mission home
In the mission office- nice touch by the senior couples!
Meet the Missionaries:

Tuesday July 1
Today we hosted 3 of the 10 zones of the South Africa Johannesburg Mission in our new home. They came at 10am, 1pm and 4 pm and stayed for a 2 hour "meet and greet" orientation.  We served muffins, fruit and juice and had a chance to have them introduce their companion and tell us about what they admire most and also what they find unique.  It was overwhelming to hear from such mature, sharp missionaries from all over the world. I wish I had time and space to highlight each missionary and what we learned about them today. Suffice it to say, they are an amazing group of missionaries, prepared to serve in this special mission....and we have only meet 1/4 of them today.

Mingling a little on the lawn in front of the mission home 
A little ping pong fun after orientation
Our Missionaries are from all over the globe....
1/4 from Africa, 1/4 from Europe, 1/2 from South and North America

This is the Bedfordview Zone.  Our first group of the day and so impressive and outstanding.
This was our last zone of the day-Centurion! WE had to take the picture inside and it is hard to see all the amazing Elders present.  Hopefully we will get anymore pictures of these great Elders.
This is the Benoni Zone-the biggest one. Another great group of Elders.


  1. so fun to see the missionaries! lucky boys!

  2. Wow! So interesting! Thanks for sharing.

  3. You have a blog too! Thank you for sharing this special journey with all us SAJM-moms (& families!) And thank you for the photos- you know we can never get enough! May the Lord bless you both in this incredible calling- we know you and your family will be blessed for your selfless sacrifice and service to our sons and the wonderful people of Johannesburg.