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Thursday, July 10, 2014

First House Guests and Dinner Gathering for us!

On Wednesday July 10th we received our first new missionaries. We welcome Brother and Sister Campbell from Prescott Arizona. They arrived on the early morning flight coming from London and they had been traveling for 36 hours since they left the states.

We welcomed them to the mission home and gave them a place to lay down, rest and make themselves comfortable.  Later that evening we gathered with missionaries traveling for a meeting on Thursday and they brought the Harwards, another wonderful senior couple with them. Our home was filled with 2 couples and 2 missionaries for the night. This was a great opportunity to host our first dinner party. We invited our wonderful AP's to join with us and I made a family favorite, Lemon Chicken! Thanks to our daughter Emi, I had the recipe on a cutting board she gave me with as a thoughtful mother's day gift. 
It was so fun to gather and share inspiring stories and experiences in this area that the Campbell will be serving in. Brother Campbell accepted a call to be the branch President in Tzaneen, so now he is President Campbell.

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It is fun to finally feed Elder Bodily and Elder Davies a home cooked meal at the mission home.  Our first week was busy with our Meet and Greet and also our road trip to Tzaneen. This makes us feel at home when we can gather around a meal. These guys have been so good to us. They are our trainers in every sense of the word!

Just wanted to remember what winter look alike down here below the Equator. There is still plenty of green on the trees and it is beautiful in the mornings and evenings.  You can tell it is winter, but it is still very mild and temperate. We are enjoying the climate so much!

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