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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Missionary Leadership Council (MLC) Today!

 Every 6 weeks the leaders of the mission gather together and have a 2 hour planning meeting.  This first one for President Dunn was held in the complex where our mission office is. This is a great area where there is a ward/stake building, Church Education Offices, the Africa Missionary Training Center and our Mission Office. It is a 10 minute drive from the mission home.  What a great facility for meeting with all of the amazing mission leaders. This is a great group and I was honored to be in their presence. It is fun for me to be the only "Sister" in the group.  I am able to participate with all the mission issues and plans.  I love it and love these amazing Elders.  They are an inspiring group.
AP's Bodily and Davies prepping for their meeting

Elder Mukarati and Louw made it early because they stayed at the mission home the night before. Their zone is in Tzaneen and Polokane, which is 5 hours away.

President Dunn is excited for his first meeting with the mission leaders! He shared a great thought from Elder Ballard's recent conference address on being persistent and using follow through!

Here was our activity demonstrating where each zone is geographically in relation to each other. This helped the newbies (us) to get our bearings on where our missionaries are serving.

The council is convening and considering many important issues. Notice my one empty seat...for the one sister in the group.
After the meeting we were able to pause and enjoy a fun lunch together before all the zone leaders gather their new office supplies and medications, mail and packages and head back to their areas.
We had delicious pizza with special flavors, like sweet chills and chicken,
we also had greek salad and homemade brownies.  
Elder Ryan and Flynn head back to The Vaal Zone with a load. Both of these Elders depart  for home in 2 weeks. Darn it!!
Elder Kyole and Ndikumana taking mail and supplies to the Benoni Elders!

Elder Searles and Martin are great Elders leading out in the Pretoria Zone!
Elder Wilkerson and Hallmann in their matching gray sweaters ready to take items back to Pretoria.
Elder Farnes and George show a lot of enthusiasm and leadership!!

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  1. I'm so glad you guys have a mission blog for the Johannesburg mission. I miss South Africa so much! Thanks for sharing the photos, stories, and news about the mission.