President and Sister Dunn

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

More Missionaries Today

We had many missionaries come again today.  We are so impressed with the caliber of young men there are serving here.  Our format for the Meet and Greet is to have them arrive and come to the lawn area and mingle. We then invite them to  play a little ping pong or foosball while everyone is gathering.  When it is time to begin, we go upstairs through the front door and grab a healthy snack of juice, fruit and muffins before we begin.
Zone leaders are introduced and them each companionship introduces each other. It has been a great way to have them identify strengths they admire and unique qualities they have seen form their companionship.
This is Elder Farnes and Elder George.  Great zone leaders in Johannesburg. Elder Farnes parents were with us in the Mission Presidents Seminar. Elder Farnes (Skylar) is their oldest son and they are heading to serve in Brazil. Great connection for us to have Elder Farnes in our mission.

This is the Johannesburg Zone. Great guys that showed up at 10 am to "Meet the Dunn's"

The Pretoria North Zone gathered later int he afternoon at 4 pm for the Meet and Greet. Senior Couples serving in the area came and joined with us. The Elders gave them a standing ovation for their selfless service!

Elder Lyon and Elder Watenga win the prize for  being the tallest and shortest Companionship

Elder Stapley from the Pretoria North Zone had a surprise wolf attack for President Dunn. These Elders have heard about the Bear Man and wanted to rival it with a new furry animal attack! 

Pretoria Zone: These Elders came at noon and we enjoyed the time together.

President Dunn sharing an acronym to remember: J.O.B.U.R.G.
Joyful Obedience Brings Unimagined Rewards and Blessing


  1. What a good looking bunch of young men!

  2. That Elder Stapley....such a jokester!